OP-1 Field

Teenage Engineering Unveils Enhanced OP-1 Field

The new Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field.

"Stronger, sleeker, and a hundred times more impressive" is the bold declaration from Teenage Engineering as they introduce the latest iteration of the beloved and renowned OP-1 portable synthesizer. Back in 2011, the Swedish brand introduced the initial OP-1 synth, igniting high demand and leading to skyrocketing prices in the second-hand market.

The new OP-1 Field represents a natural progression from its predecessor, now boasting a slimmer profile with a floating keyboard and an anodized aluminum frame. Alongside this sleek design, it incorporates a 4-pole audio jack input and a USB-C port. It has a 24-hour battery life, perfect for portable creativity. Plus, it supports Bluetooth MIDI control for laptop-based producers.

Enhancing accessibility, the OP-1 Field features a high-resolution glass-covered screen. With new features like improved reverb and the "dimension" synth engine, creators have more opportunities to create unique sounds. Moreover, users can sample their own sounds using various recording formats and styles, along with multiple tape options. With its built-in speaker, the OP-1 Field promises to deliver impressive sound quality and bass response, allowing users to savor their musical creations even without costly studio monitors.

Boasting a total of 100 new features, the OP-1 Field aligns with Teenage Engineering's commitment to delivering a product that is "stronger, sleeker, and a hundred times more impressive." Available now, the price is approximately £1,999.

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