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I agree that if I am not happy with this service, after it has been delivered I am not entitled to ask for a refund.

By accessing and using our services, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using these particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement.

The following copyright terms, agreements, and licenses apply to all products, both premium and free products, offered on our website. If you do not agree with the following terms, agreements, and licenses, you are not allowed to use any of our products for commercial or non-commercial use.

Only the original purchaser of our product has a legal right to use the contained presets, samples, and project files within their own original musical compositions. The presets, samples and project files may not be used "isolated". They must be used within the context of a musical piece mixed with additional parts.

Redistribution of the services provided by TTM Productions is strictly prohibited in any way, shape or form. All our services are protected by international copyright law. Therefore you cannot use our presets and samples for own products (free or paid), including but not limited to such as samplepacks & soundbanks.

The digital products (including but not limited to presets, samples, and project files) on this website are licensed to you, not sold to you. All rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. You may not re-sell our products or pass it on to a third party as this license is non-transferable.

Any Project Files (FLP, Logic Template & Ableton Templates) that is available for download is excluded from the royalty free license. This means you can NOT treat the FLP as your own by any means. The FLP’s are for learning purposes ONLY.  You are prohibited from using the FLP’s for commercial and non-commercial profit. All downloaded FLP’s are to remain as they are in their downloaded state, and to be seen as templates for learning only. You can NOT release the FLP as your own track at any point. Deviation from these terms could result in legal action being taken.

All our sample packs are Royalty-Free and can be used in any commercial musical projects such as tracks, remixes & bootlegs.


Ghost Production and Production Services

  1. Finished Ghost Productions on the website

1.1. How does it work?

- Choose a track in the store and make a purchase.

- After you made the purchase and payment, you can directly download the

track and all legal papers.

- 1. Legal copyright papers and documents acknowledging you as an owner

of this track need to be signed by the artist and send back to Tracks to the


- 2. A package with the track and all stems that will allow you to remix, edit,

master and mix your track as you want.

- When you get all of these, you can do everything you want with this track

(publish on any Social Media Platform; release the track under your own

name, pseudonym, brand and get 100% of the royalties; play it anywhere

(DJ performances, any media etc; modify the track)

1.2. What do I get when I buy a track?

- You will receive a mixed and a mastered file

- You will get a minimum of 30 stems

- On request we deliver the DAW Project File

1.3. The purchased track will be sold ONLY once. After your purchase the track

will be deleted from the website.

1.4. Track returns and refunds are not possible.

1.5. After the purchase you have 100% of the royalties and 100% of the

copyrights of the track. You won´t have to pay any future production or

royalty credits.

1.6. The track you purchased can be released on every streaming platform.

1.7. The tracks on the website are finished productions, request for changes will

be declined. For a unique and individual production you can purchase a

custom ghost production via the website.

1.8. You can not ask for changes of the track after purchase.

1.9. The responsibility of Tracks to the Max ends when the client receives the

purchased production.

1.10. Tracks to the Max is not responsible if a track won´t get signed to a label.

  1. Custom Ghost Productions

2.1. How does it work?

- If you want to have a custom ghost production contact us via our e-mail


- It can take up to 24h till we react to your e-mail

- Please provide us with as many information about your track wishes as

you can:

- Genre, BPM, Key

- Please send a minimum of 2 reference tracks

- The producer will start to work on your custom production and will send

you a demo of your song

- You will have 2 free revisions on the custom production, every further

revision will cost.

- After the track is finished and the client payed for the track you will


- A mixed and a mastered file

- A minimum of 30 stems

- On request and for a higher end price we will deliver the full DAW Project


- The client can´t refund the Project File, if he can´t use it or open it.

- Tracks to the max is not responsible if the client has not all the software to

open or modify the track or project file.

2.2. All custom ghost productions need to be purchased and payed before the full

product will be delivered and can be used

2.3. The custom production will be delivered in a 24bit, 44.1 kHz file

2.4. It can take up to 5 days till the full production will be delivered

2.5. Any further changes on the track after the 2 free revisions will cost money

2.6. The track that will be delivered is competitive to all the DSP´s

2.7. After the track is purchased and payed and the buyer receives the full


2.8. Tracks to the Max will not upload the custom production if the client payed

for the service

2.9. The track won´t be used by Tracks to the Max.

2.10. If the client purchased he receives a complete copyright agreement that he

holds 100% of the royalties for the track.

2.11. You can upload, share, release or play the production after purchase

everywhere you want.

2.12. Tracks to the Max won´t charge any future production costs or royalty credits

after the purchase of the custom production.

2.13. Tracks to the Max and the client can make other royalty contracts if both the

buyer and the producer agree and set up a contract.

2.14. The responsibility of Tracks to the Max ends when the client receives the

purchased production.

2.15. Tracks to the Max is not responsible if a track won´t get signed by a label.

  1. Mixing and Mastering

3.1. If you purchase a mixing or mastering service you will receive:

- A full professional mixing and mastering of your track made by


- No use of algorithms or software’s to master your songs

- The mixing and mastering will be done in a professional equipped studio

3.2. The client can only send a maximum of 20 stems if he purchased a Stem

Mixing service.

3.3. The client can send more stems but Tracks to the Max will charge these.

3.4. The client has to send -6db wav. Files which are exported at 16bit, 44.1 kHz


3.5. The client has to make sure that no plugins or effects are on the master

channel while exporting.

3.6. Tracks to the Max can decline a service or reject stems if the files don’t match

our standards.

3.7. For mastering services the client has to send a -6db wav. File exported at

16bits, 44.1 kHz.

3.8. The client has to make sure that no effect plugins or any other software is on

the master channel.

3.9. Tracks to the Max will send you a mixed wav. file and a mastered wav. file if

you purchase a mixing and mastering service.

3.10. Tracks to the Max will provide you 2 free revisions for your purchased service.

3.11. If the client asks for more revisions Tracks to the Max will charge these

revisions and the client has to pay them.

3.12. Tracks to the Max is not responsible for damages on your sound system etc.

3.13. Tracks to the Max is not responsible if the track won´t get signed to a label.